Casino Blackjack - Most Wide Spread Card Game in the World

When it comes to casino banking game, casino blackjack comes first. Also known as twenty one, it’s a comparing card game played with one or more decks of card between a player and a dealer. The game is started by handing over two cards to players and adding total of them. Cards with numbers give point value according to their numbers.

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Popularity of the Game Shows in Black Jack Movies

Popularity of this game has made it a hot topic for Hollywood movies, which has led to a number of black jack movies. In 1998, a movie named The Croupier depicted story of an unsuccessful writer who chooses to become a croupier to manage his expenses. This movie reveals entire functioning of the casinos. It also displays life of a croupier from all points of view. You must haven’t forgot about movie named 21 in which a math professor teaches six students to win card games and later the students win millions of money from Las Vegas casinos. Lots of black jack movies may be mentioned here like The Hangover, The Last Casino, and Rain Man.

You Can Also Play Black Jack Online

You can also play black jack online. Face cards are counted as ten points. And aces can be taken as either one point or eleven points, as per the choice of the players. With two cards in the hands players can opt for getting hit, which means they can ask for another card to take their points equal to or near to twenty one, but they shouldn’t let it exceed. Exceeding twenty one points is said to be bust. Dealers usually take hit when their score is below seventeen. Players who have more points than the dealer without a bust are declared as winners. Coincidently if the player and the dealer have a clash, which is called to be a push, then the player has nothing to lose or win in that game. Casino blackjack can be played in various forms. A number of websites are offering such games. You can get a number of options just by googling “blackjack online”. These games are designed in such a manner that the players feel that they are playing at casino. All the basic terms and conditions remain untouched. Black jack online is really fun to play. This banking game is also very popular when it comes to live table and card games.

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