Roulette - The Most Played Casino Game In The World

In casino around the world variety of games are available but Roulette is very different. Now we will have a look on roulette variations. You cannot play black jack if you don’t have any knowledge of the game. This game can be enjoyed by beginners as well as professional gamblers. While playing Roulette many people have won and lost lots of money. It is also known as a game of pure chance. There are 3 main variations in Roulette that is European roulette, Royal roulette and American roulette. Tools for playing the game are same and have similar aspects for each game. But it has large differences while playing each version of the game which has lead to different attitude of the people towards this game. The main difference between American and European versions of the game is only wheel set up. Wheel number starts from 00 and 0 to 36 in American roulette, Whereas European roulette have numbers from 0 to 36. These are the roulette variations.

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How to play the Casino Roulette game online

Roulette is a very simple game. Those people who are clueless about it, I am going to explain you its basic. A small white ball is rotated around the upper edge of a numbered wheel in this. It has series of slots of number of slots all over its edge. The numbers are labeled from 1 to 36 on these slots. Either red or black color is assigned to each and 0 is usually represented in green. Small white ball loses its momentum and when it is drop down on the wheel area with numbers in it then it will land on the number of slots. In this every person predict that where this ball will land. Numbered board is placed next to the wheel in which betting takes place. This board wheel contains numbers from 1 to 36. You can have bet on the ball landing on an even number, odd number, the colors black or red, or on the lines of number on the board. I explained above how to play Roulette. On the Internet you will find huge collection of roulette tips which will increase your odds. So here are some tips for you. Being a beginner you must bet only in red/black, high/low, columns/dozens and odd/even slots. Always keep an eye on the table. Practice on a free table or roulette system. So these were roulette tips.

Winning Systems for the Casino game Roulette

Here are some Roulette winning tips which you should never miss. Never play without a strategy, always learn some roulette strategy. The second tip is that there is another odd of winning at European Roulette means in European Roulette you can maximize your chance of winning on the wheel. The third tip is that never bet with double-up strategy without a limit. Double-up strategy is also known as Martingale strategy. The last tip is play with money which you can afford to lose. Online casino is expanding day by day. Some online Casino provides glamour and thrill such as in Las Vegas. Many games are proffered by various casinos. Some of the online games available are blackjacks, poker, and roulette or machine games. It also gives various bonus options like sign-up bonus, sticky bonuses. You cannot cash bonus your amount will be deducted from the winning account. It also has a restriction for many plays, game type or you can have a highest limit of payments. Always read the instructions and requirements and take guidance of the help menu.

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