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Video Poker is the easiest Casino game. If you don’t know how to play video poker games don’t worry I here to tell you how to play Online Video Poker. For Online Video Poker you need to choose the best video poker casinos. Once you make a decision on a casino then your next step is to download the software then install it on your computer and create your player account. After doing this you can open the online casino software and the video poker game which you like. Now I am telling about the most popular video game that is Jacks or Better. Firstly you have to insert the money into the machine. This can be done by clicking three chips on the bottom right of the machine .Other ways are size your bets, deal the hand, buttons on the machines, Pay tables, Credits and Bets, total Bet and Payouts, Full Pay Table and Cash out, Total Bankroll and speed deals and action buttons. I hope that now you might have learned how to play video poker games.

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Myths about Video Poker

There are many myths about video poker game. Players and doubtful gambler minds of the people are packed with ton of myths and misconception about video poker. Whenever any new idea strikes on their mind it spreads like wildfire. Myths are Machine comes due, Betting the Max is best, You can control the cards, gimmicks are good, Video Poker cannot be beaten, Casinos Control the Payouts, Machines are fixed to Display Close Hits, Machines pay less on Weekends/Holidays and Higher Denomination Machines pay more. Machines come due is the biggest myth in which the players believe that machine hasn’t hit a big pay out in a while due to hit one soon. This myth is completely false and it is also known as “gambler fallacy”. Another myth is betting the maximum number of coins at every hand. This myth is true but for the most part. Another myth is that gimmicks video poker games hold better odds than the traditional games. I am sure that know you might have myths about video poker.

Procedures for choosing the best video poker game

As you have hired a video poker machine now you must know procedures for choosing the best video machines. The main behind this is that there are thousands of video poker games available. All the games you can play with different pay tables and special rules. Now I will tell you what is the difference between video poker variations and pay tables? Firstly you have chosen video poker games from the thousand games available there. Games include are Easy games in which I would recommend Jacks or Better, Exciting games which includes wild card games such as Deuces Wild or Joker Poker. Profitable games include Deuces wild, Double Bonus and Double Double Bonus. The next you have to do is to check out the pay table on the specific video poker machine. After deciding video poker game, then you have to head over to video poker pay tables. Apart from game type and pay table, some twist is thrown at the player by Progressive Machines and Multi-Hand Machines. I hope these procedures for choosing the best video poker game will help you.

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